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Supporting School Communities

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We have a vision - a vision to transform and build up entire neighborhoods, starting with kids and their schools in places that don't often provide the resources, comfort, or even safety that neighborhoods should be.

John Hopkins University College of Education says from zero to 18 years of age, kids will spend 91% of their time in those neighborhoods, outside the school hallways. The consequence is kids pay a steep price when they live in places where they don't matter.

Where does change start? We think it starts with kids and schools, and working together in a community to make a difference, whether its through helping with food, service, or other needs. What happens when kids to this? We see whole communities suddenly come together. Schools have always been a place of leadership, innovation and change, and when we work with kids, you wouldn't believe the change we see - in their lives, and in the community. Help us help a kid, and make a difference to a whole community.

What does it take for us to support a kid, teaching self-awareness and leadership skills, providing weekly afterschool clubs, 2 out of town camp trips, and monthly service projects that make them a leader? About $400/per child, per year. Will you support a kid today?

And don't forget, we're a Qualified Charitable Organization. If you're an Arizona Tax Payer, you can cut your taxes while doing good.

Creighton Community Foundation