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You've come to our Tax Credit donation page. We work to transform whole communities, starting with school-centered neighborhoods and the kids who live in them. Each of our tax credit donations goes to an unusual purpose - it is entirely reserved for and invested in a child and the community service activities they carry out around the year to make a difference. In some communities, this is a monthly produce distribution - one that is run by 7th and 8th grade kids, and will give away 130 tons of produce this year - in other communities it is curb number paintings and home improvement projects. Why? Because one community connection makes a critical difference in the future of a child, and gives our kids the chance to be community leaders today, while transforming their communities for tomorrow.

Will you help today? Just $500 will support 1 child, for one year, in a program of service leadership, monthly community projects, and out of town field trip opportunities. If you use your Arizona Tax Credit (see below), that gift is absolutely free, and absolutely precious.

Our Kids

How To Put Your Tax Dollars To Work

Creighton Community Foundation is a Qualified Charitable Organization in the State of Arizona, allowing you to redirect your tax dollars through a tax credit donation. Cut your tax bill, and choose to do some good. Simply donate, and fill out AZ Form 321 below. This is a dollar for dollar tax credit with each dollar coming back to you with your state refund - up to $800 for married joint tax filers.

AZ Tax Forms (321 and 322)
Right click and "save as" to download the PDF form.
File with your AZ tax return to claim credit.

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Creighton School District #14 website - www.creightonschools.org
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Niche.com collects school performance, financial, and user data from a variety of different sources. Visit our school on Niche.com to review data points for Creighton School District #14.
DID YOU DONATE A TAX CREDIT? Download Arizona State Tax Form 321 and 322 (combined) for Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization and Public School Tax Credits.
Our Community
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Creighton School District boundaries encompass approximately the 202 highway to the south, 16th street to the west, Indian School road to the north, and 40th street to the east, with an extension between 32nd and 40th streets all the way to just north of Lincoln drive. In our community? Get in touch, and ask how you can help support our schools.
About Us

Creighton Community Foundation was incorporated in March of 2013, and received Federal 501(c)3 status in April of 2015. We are a group of community leaders focused on equipping Creighton School District #14 in Phoenix, Arizona with the resources to deliver excellent educational services, in the most sustainable way possible, amidst our diverse urban Phoenix neighborhoods.

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