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Thank you so much for supporting us. You'll receive an email receipt in the next few minutes. Meanwhile, it is hard to tell you just how important your individual contribution is.  Every day, we work with kids, building relationships, developing leadership skills, and working with them to transform even more lives around our toughest schools.

But this year, your gift is even more important than leadership, this year your gift helps keep a community fed.

You just became part of our story and this year you're now an important part of why these kids, and their families, will thrive. We hope you'll take a minute to follow us on Facebook, share one of our stories, and tell your friends why you think we're making a difference.  Thank you for your support, and helping us spread good news.

Our Kids

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Creighton School District #14 website -
Stacks Image 27 collects school performance, financial, and user data from a variety of different sources. Visit our school on to review data points for Creighton School District #14.
DID YOU DONATE A TAX CREDIT? Download Arizona State Tax Form 321 a for Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization.
Our Community
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Creighton School District boundaries encompass approximately the 202 highway to the south, 16th street to the west, Indian School road to the north, and 40th street to the east, with an extension between 32nd and 40th streets all the way to just north of Lincoln drive. In our community? Get in touch, and ask how you can help support our schools.
About Us

Creighton Community Foundation was incorporated in March of 2013, and received Federal 501(c)3 status in April of 2015. We are a group of community leaders focused on equipping Creighton School District #14 in Phoenix, Arizona with the resources to deliver excellent educational services, in the most sustainable way possible, amidst our diverse urban Phoenix neighborhoods.

This organization is an equal opportunity employer and provider!

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